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BN Manifesto Is Far Better Than Pakatan's #ManifestoBN #APromiseofHope #GE13 #BetterNation

Barisan Nasional leaders have described the pledges launched by BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak last night as better than the one by Pakatan Rakyat that was revealed last month.

Former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the BN manifesto came at a perfect time and was far better than the manifesto by the Opposition which was 'filled with delusions'.

"If the Opposition's manifesto is to be put in place, the country will suffer huge losses.

"It is clear that the Opposition doesn't know anything about the country's finances, that's why the came up with a very silly manifesto," he said when met by reporters after the launch of the BN manifesto at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil last night.

For Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, he said the BN manifesto is a charter for the coalition's victory in the 13th general election (GE13), which is just around the corner.

"We've made 17 pledges in the manifesto and all of them have been clearly spelled out by Najib… we leave no stones unturned," the Information, Communication and Culture Minister said.

Kelantan Umno liaison chief, Datuk Seri Mustapha Mohamad said the country's peace and stability could only be maintained by the BN administration.

The government would also ensure that its subsidies would only be enjoyed by those deserving and not everyone in Malaysia, including foreigners.

"They (the pledges) are realistic…the government is able to execute them. After the (Selangor) water issue is resolved, a lot more investments can proceed smoothly.

"What’s most important is to ease the rakyat’s burden, provide quality employment opportunities and high income for the people," said the man more known as Tok Pa, who is also International Trade and Industry Minister.

Among the pledges made by BN to lessen the people's burden is providing affordable homes to ensure that the supply of housing is continued in Malaysia.

According to Tangga Batu MP Datuk Idris Haron, BN's pledge to build one million affordable homes, including 500,000 more homes under the 1Malaysia People's Housing (PR1MA), would be implemented by both public and private sectors.

"One million homes in five years is something achievable; Najib has taken into consideration the country's manpower and resources… the numbers are based on those factors.

"The program under the Housing and Local Government Ministry is proof that we are in a position to fulfill our promises to voters," said Idris, who is also Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Bhd (SPNB) chairman.

Meanwhile, deputy Selangor Umno state liaison, Datuk Seri Noh Omar said the pledges by BN have no financial implications and were based on today's reality.

It differs from the Opposition's manifesto, he said, where its implementation would increase Malaysia's debts by RM2.4 billion.

"BN can execute its manifesto… our focus is on elevating the rakyat's quality of life, education as well as national security. Most importantly, it would not jeopardize the country's economic status, unlike the manifesto cooked up by the Opposition.

"If Pakatan were to fulfill all their 2008 promises in Selangor alone to aid all single mothers, senior citizens and schoolchildren, we have calculated that they would incur an additional RM2.4 billion debt in five years.

"If they were to fulfill all their promises, they would have no savings left," Noh said.

His statement was supported by MIC's Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan, who said the Opposition did not even have a proper manifesto in the first place, and that they practiced 'cartoon politics'.

"Does the Opposition really have a manifesto? Those are not promises but merely a play of cartoon politics. Tell them to fulfill their GE12 promises in Selangor first, only then they can talk about coming up with a new manifesto," he stressed.

He said, the 17 pledges in the BN manifesto would be their ammo in their battle in GE13.

"The PM has taken into consideration all needs by different groups – among them youth, women, the disabled as well as Indians, in providing more schools and places of worships for us,” said Kamalanathan, who is also MIC information chief.

Source Malaysian Digest

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